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Welcome to Aegismax Online an alternative to the official Aegismax website which is mostly in Chinese. Buying an Aegismax sleeping bag online can be confusing as there are often pages of product listed on eBay and Amazon of the same product.

We help take the confusion out of purchasing an Aegismax sleeping bag online by removing the double ups. We also provide information in a consistent form to make comparisons between the different sleeping bags easier.

Once you know which Aegismax sleeping bag you are wanting to buy you will be directed to Aliexpress for checkout. Aliexpress is where most sellers on Amazon, eBay and Trademe buy their Aegismax sleeping bag from to re-sell.

Aliexpress uses secure payment and has buyer protection which means you can buy online with confidence. Most of the sellers on there are manufacturers or distributors selling their products direct to you. This cuts out the traditional over priced retailers.

Therefore as a result of this you can buy ultralight sleeping bags direct! Comparable or better than some of the more well known local brands at a fraction of the price.

Tips on Selecting the Right Aegismax Sleeping Bag

There are many things to consider when buying an Aegismax sleeping bag online. The shape of the sleeping bag, the weight of the sleeping bag and most importantly the temperature range of the sleeping bag. This section offers advice on how to select the right sleeping bag for you journey from the standpoint of the writer.

Please note this is how we would decide which bag to take with us, we suggest you do further research as there are many views on how to decide which sleeping bag is best for purpose.

Aegismax Sleeping Bag Temperature Range

When selecting the temperature range of your Aegismax sleeping bag you should first check the historical weather forecasts of the area you will be using it in. You can do this by searching online, something like ‘temperature of Routeburn track in July’ as an example. When doing this you can find the temperature range during this time is between 1°C and -9°C.

With this in mind a sleeping bag should at least cover the lowest expected temperature. We suggest the extreme rating is ignored and taken out of the equation as this rating is pretty much the rating to only just keep you alive. When referring to the minimum temperature we will consider the Limit rating only.

So for a sleeping bag to cover this range using the Aegismax sleeping bag range there are two options, the G3 and G2. The G2 has a lower limit of -8°C which is slightly short of the potential -9°C. This Aegismax sleeping bag should be okay as you are likely to be staying in a hut or tent which will be warmer than the potential outside temperatures. If you really want to be warm then the G3 could be a better way to go as it has a Limit rating of -15°C.

When selecting the right sleeping bag, especially during the colder months it is always best to go on the side of caution and select a warmer sleeping bag. This is in case of emergency should you not make it to the hut of shelter campsite in time. Using a sleeping bag liner will add a couple of degrees to the lower limit.

Please note sleeping bags are rated assuming the user is wearing a base layer from head to toe. This is because the sleeping bags main purpose is to keep you warm at night when the temperature drops and your body is less active.

Sleeping Bags Weight

This often comes down to budget once the temperature range has been selected. Down sleeping bags are the lightest when it comes to the weight of the sleeping bag. An Aegismax sleeping bag will usually use a 95% fill of down which would typically be light than a bag which only has a 90% filling of down. Down is expensive so the more down a sleeping bag has the more it is likely to cost.

When is come to selecting the lightest Aegismax sleeping bag for winter your only option are the G series as these sleeping bags have been made for winter. For the warmer seasons there are a few options in the range which will be talking about in the next section.

Which Style is Best For You

Deciding on which shape sleeping bag to buy is up to personal preference unless using it in the winter as mentioned above. In the Aegismax range there are a few options which can be broken down to envelope sleeping bags, full mummy sleeping bags and Hood-less mummy sleeping bags.

Envelope Sleeping Bags

Envelope sleeping bags are for people who like to stretch out in their sleep. Typically the width of the bag is the same from head to toe which means you have plenty of leg room. Envelope sleeping bags are usually heavier and more expensive than hood-less mummy style sleeping bags as they use more down and fabric. They also do not have hoods so on colder nights you may have to wear a beanie or a down hat to keep your head warm.

Hood-Less Mummy Sleeping Bags

If you are wanting to minimize the weight of your pack and maximize space then hood-less mummy sleeping bags are a good way to go. They have a contoured shape which matches the shape of your body. This results in a lighter more efficient sleeping bag design which can also cost less than full mummy and envelope sleeping bags.

Hood-less mummy bags are a great way to reduce your pack weight. When hiking during colder times of the year you are likely to wear a beanie or warm hat at night. Instead of packing a sleeping bag with a hood and a hat you can use a hood-less bag and a hat reducing the double up of the hat.

Aegismax have down hats available in their range which can be used with hood-less mummy and envelope style bags. This gives you the best of both worlds almost converting your hood-less mummy bag into a full mummy bag.

Full Mummy Sleeping Bags

Full mummy sleeping bags are the warmest style of an Aegismax sleeping bag available. The hood further traps your body heat inside the back keeping your whole body warm. This makes this style of sleeping bag essential for winter hiking.

This style of bag is typically more expensive and heavier as they use more down filling and material in the hood. However because of the overall encapsulation of warmth the weight of a full mummy will be similar to the equivalent hood-less sleeping bag with the same temperature rating.

Official Aegismax Website

If you are having trouble finding the official Aegismax website it is because it is a Chinese website ranked down in Google rankings. Like mentioned above unless you can read Chinese then the official Aegismax sleeping bag website may not be very helpful to you.

Aegismax official website

Buying on AliExpress

Our website will take you through to Aliexpress for checkout. This is the best source for buying Aegismax Ssleeping bags from this amazing product range. Product can be sold using a variety of currency exchange with free track shipping. Payment is safe and secure and you can be rest assured knowing the seller will only get paid if you receive the goods.

Please be patient with your delivery. Due to the current global pandemic shipping can take longer as a result of reduced shipping space internationally.

Any save claims shown are taken from Aliexpress, please conduct your own research into pricing before taking these savings into account. We will inform and advertise when you are able to get the best pricing on Aegismax sleeping bags based on the Aliexpress sales.


Product is available for shipment to most countries, these countries include New Zealand (NZ), AUstralia (AU), United Kingdom (UK), America (US) plus many more. In most cases shipping is free and can be tracked using the tracking data provided.

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Available in their range are ultralight 1 person hiking tents which weigh less than 900 grams! They also have ultralight weight backpacks which weigh less than 900 grams.

These ultralight weights are possible by removing components which may not be needed if you are already carrying certain items. For example in the 3F UL range are the Lanshan 1 and Lanshan 2 tents. These tents do not have traditional tent poles, instead they use your hiking poles as the tents poles. Alternatively you can use straight objects such as tree branches or tie the 3F UL Gear tent to a tree.

This multi use concept is also used with some the 3f UL Gear frameless backpacks. Instead of using a traditional frame a sleeping pad can be used as the backpacks frame. Alternatively you can pack the internal contents of the tramping pack to build an internal frame.

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